• Marie Price

    Before Curves

    “A healthy future”

    15 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    After Curves

    Kerikeri mother and business owner, Marie Price, had experienced the devastating loss of her mother from obesity related complications. Weighing over 80 kilos herself, Marie knew it was time to get her weight down to a healthy range. Within 90 days of joining Curves Complete, Marie had lost 6.7 kilos and 38 centimetres. In total, Marie has lost almost 20 kilos at Curves, including over 15 kilos on Curves Complete. Marie feels fantastic. Under guidance from her doctor, she is off her asthma medication and hasn’t had an attack for a very long time. Marie is excited when people ask the secret of her weight loss. She is only too pleased to tell them the answer is Curves Complete!

  • Renee Bird

    Before Curves

    “That could be me! ”

    14 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    After Curves

    Just 19, Renee Bird from Whangaparaoa felt overweight and lacking in confidence. When she started hearing about women losing weight through Curves Complete, she wondered “… maybe that could be me too!”

    Renee has since lost 14 kilos and 8.8 kilos of body fat on Curves Complete. She has more confidence than ever. Now, when she walks into a shop, no longer is she looking for baggy size 14 to 16 clothes but size 11-12 clothes. These days, Renee is often asked for weight loss tips. She tells people two words … Curves Complete!

  • Lorraine Andreassen

    Before Curves

    “Lowering heart risks”

    22.1 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    After Curves

    Lorraine Andreassen, from North Auckland, weighed 88 kilos and suffered high cholesterol and blood pressure. With a family history of heart disease, Lorraine knew she needed to reduce her heart risks for her sake and her family’s future. Lorraine has since lost over 20 kilos on Curves Complete. She has also significantly lowered her blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These days, Lorraine looks and feels great, all thanks to Curves Complete!

  • Philippa Rogers

    Before Curves

    “Tight clothes motivate change”

    11.5 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    After Curves

    Philippa Rogers from Mana didn’t like the fact that her size 14 trousers were getting tight. After researching the options, Philippa chose Curves Complete at her local Curves. Over the next 14 weeks, Philippa was amazed to lose 11.5 kilos. She is now down to 61.6 kilos and feels great. Philippa found the regular Curves Complete coaching and weighing sessions helped to keep her accountable and on track. These days, Philippa feels her confidence has returned. She is excited about making her healthy new lifestyle continue to work for her.

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