• Kristen White

    “I can do anything now!”

    31 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    Adelaide mother of four, Kristen White, had been to many gyms without success.

    Weighing 113 kilos, Kristen was unhappy and suffered from low self-esteem. Although determined to lose weight and get healthy, Kristen thought her goal to lose 40 kilos was unrealistic. However, since starting Curves Complete, Kristen is very happy to be proved wrong. On Curves Complete, she lost over 31 kilos and 102 centimetres across her body. As the weight began to drop off, Kristen felt her attitude change. She now feels she can do anything! Kristen has loved the support, training and motivation she received from Curves Complete and her coaches at Curves.

  • Natalie Bock

    “Living a happy life.”

    26 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    Although largely content with life, Perth mum Natalie Bock, knew there was another dimension to happiness - the joy of being healthy and fit. Weighing 114 kilos, Natalie knew she had to lose weight but struggled to find the key to the weight loss puzzle. Since joining the Curves Complete program, Natalie has lost 26 kilos through Curves Complete and 28.4 kilos in total through Curves. She feels as wonderful as she did in her 20s. Natalie’s co-workers and family constantly tell her how healthy and happy she looks. Natalie thanks Curves Complete for giving back her life and helping her to be a great food role model for her children.

  • Emily Mahoney

    “Life changing weight loss.”

    22.1 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    Emily Mahoney from Warwick in Queensland was always apologising to others, even when she hadn’t done anything wrong.

    Although happy on the outside, she was miserable. One morning, Emily woke up, looked in the mirror and cried. She didn’t want to be “this fat person” anymore. Weighing 123.8 kilos, she knew she had to do something before her health got out of control. Emily has lost 22.1 kilos on Curves Complete and a total of 35 kilos since joining Curves. Emily’s whole outlook on life has changed. She is more confident and has energy to burn.

  • Liz Cooper

    “Eating more to lose more.”

    11 kilos lost on Curves Complete

    Since starting Curves Complete, Liz Cooper from Victoria has lost 11.3 kilos and now fits into size seven jeans!

    She realises that before Curves Complete, much of her weight problem was down to not eating enough! These days, with the Curves Complete meal plan, she finds it difficult to fit all the food in. She can’t believe she is eating more delicious food than ever before and losing weight too! Through Curves Complete, Liz knows that eating the right quantity and type of foods helps speed up her metabolism and weight loss. All up, Liz has lost 18 kilos. She is more self-confident and happier. Her weight loss has also caught the eye of her husband, who loves her new shape.

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